The Only Difference Between Them Is How They Are Used, And The U.s.

Congress could reclassify marijuana so medical use is allowed, or it could try to block federal enforcement of marijuana prohibition through the federal budget. But the proposed Colorado change may be a longshot effort. Medical and recreational pot are the same product. The only difference between them is how they are used, and the U.S. Medical marijuana stocks Controlled Substances Act says marijuana has no valid medical use. Federal health regulators have rejected repeated attempts to carve out a legal place for marijuana use by sick people. Sponsors concede there are no promises that reclassifying all that pot as medicine would stop a federal crackdown. But they say Colorado shouldn’t sit idly by and wait to see if the Trump administration starts enforcing federal drug law by attacking businesses that are legal under state law. “This bill allows the industry to know there is something after tomorrow, whatever tomorrow may bring,” Neville said. ___ Associated Press writers Sadie Gurman in Washington and Kristena Hansen in Salem, Oregon, contributed to this report.

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