Canada Marijuana Stocks: Medican And IHMML Give Investors A Reason To Be Bullish

It is unclear why IHL would also receive this stamp of approval. Disclaimer: There is no publicly available information regarding the legitimacy of the CNMMA. Several attempts have been made to contact the CNMMA without success.

Zenabis Approved: With so many companies desperately finding ways of distinguishing themselves from the competition, the CNMMA brand gives the impression that these companies are certified and trustworthy. To the untrained eye, this seal of approval seems like an unbiased legitimation of the company’s authenticity. However, without full disclosure of the CNMMA’s independent board, investors should pause before demanding that their MMPR firms also receive their CNMMA membership.

And finally Medican, along with Zenabis and IHL, also has the CNMMA stamp of approval. Experts admit that it is tantalizing that a publicly traded company in the US had a Canadian CNMMA stamp of approval, even if they doubt the legitimacy of the CNMMA, it does give Medican the allure of having more legitimacy than the other Canadian players.

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