And Attorneys Who Advise Cannabis Businesses In Compliance With State Laws Fear Theyll Be Disbarred Since They Arent Allowed To Help Clients Break Federal Law.

EMPLOYMENT Since employment in the United States is largely at-will, companies can choose to fire workers over marijuana consumption regardless of state or federal laws. And Prop. 64 explicitly states that California employers remain free to penalize workers who test positive for marijuana use, even if theres no indication they were actually high on the job. But national laws mean federal agencies dont have a choice: Their employees cant consume marijuana, even in their off-hours. And neither can many categories of workers who are Medical marijuana in federally regulated fields, such as people who work in the transportation or healthcare industries. While the cultural and legal status of marijuana has changed dramatically, Armentano said, marijuana testing policies in the workplace havent evolved. The conflict can also create ethical dilemmas for professionals. Doctors worry about losing licenses to practice medicine if they recommend medical marijuana. And attorneys who advise cannabis businesses in compliance with state laws fear theyll be disbarred since they arent allowed to help clients break federal law. 2.

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