That’s Expected To Take Eight Weeks.and The Labs – That Will Be Testing The Products’ Safety Before Going To Market – Still Need To Be Certified.

It’s a significant milestone for the industry, but there are still two major hurdles to cross before patients get their pot. First, the tracking software must be connected to the medical marijuana registry program. That’s expected to take Marijuana Stocks eight weeks.And the labs – that will be testing the products’ safety before going to market – still need to be certified. “There’s still a lot to do and we are diligently working on all fronts to ensure those happen as quickly as possible,”Keith Ridley, director of DOH’s Office ofHealthCare Assurance, said. Thisnews was upsetting to patients and their advocates. “I just want to know when I can get my medicine and when my family can get their medicine. I have a background in IT development. It should not take this long,” said Tina Sprague, who’s been dealing with scoliosis, arthritis, and chronic back pain. “We have friends and relatives in similar situation, so we’re as much working for the person that we don’t know as for the persons that we do,” Ridley said. For the dispensaries and labs, the delays have been costly.

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